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The Sorting Hat

Welcome to the Sorting Hat! Perhaps you are quivering with excitement, or maybe shaking with fear. Either way, it shall soon all be over.

Just place the hat on your head, and answer these questions to yourself. The Sorting Hat will peer in to your thoughts and determine just where you need to be.

1) When confronted with danger, you:
A) Take it head on
B) Talk it out
C) Stand your ground
D) Vanish as quickly as possible

2) You have a fascination with... A) People and how they function
B) The world around you
C) Anything that involves gaining knowledge
D) Exploring your environments in great depth

3) If you had to pick an animal, you would see yourself as...
a) A rabbit
b) A turtle
c) A hound
d) A cat

4) You receive a prize of one thousand galleons. You...
a) Save half for the future, and spend the other half
b) Splurge, spending all your money on the things you want most
c) Tuck it all away
d) Take only what you need, saving the rest

5) If given the oppurunity to be a magical being other than a human, you would choose:
a) A centuar
b) A house elf
c) A giant
d) A merperson